Our hitting mats are changing the industry: 

All our mats are made with a high quality 10 mm thick commercial grade tile that is made from recycled rubber golf grips. All our practice mat tiles are water repellent, will not compact, and will always lay flat. All of our mats are delivered to you without tee holes drilled in them. This gives you the ability to full customize your mats. Just use a 5/8″ drill bit to add a hole or holes where you want it not where we determine it should be or just leave it looking like a beautiful mown fairway. Take control of your practice area.

Our mats create an amazing playing surface simulating a tightly mowed fairway. Whether practicing your wedge game, fine tuning your scoring irons or dialing in your long irons you will gather valuable feedback to improve your game.

Swing comfortably knowing that all our mats are made regionally and built with the highest quality products and sustainability standards in mind.

Unlike traditional mats on the market our mats stand up to the most rigorous practice sessions.  Our mats resist the dreaded doughnut pounded into the turf from spinning the mat when the turf and mat fatigues. The G4G Modular Hitting Mats will save hundreds of dollars over the life of the mat.  When your hitting strip wears out just replace that portion.

G4G Modular Hitting Mat $344

The G4G 3′ x 5′ Modular Golf Mat is the first mat of its kind. This modular mat offers you the ability to use inside or outside. The surface is a perfectly safe hitting platform that will last for thousands of shots.


G4G Small Footprint Hitting Mat $154

The G4G Small Footprint Mat measures just over 3″x3″ making it perfect for any compact practice area or home owner looking to get some swings in at home. Just like our other mats this mat is made from recycled rubber golf grips and boasts all of the high quality manufacturing and sustainable properties we value at Grips Fore Good.


G4G Hitting Strip Replacement $104

Our G4G Hitting Strip Replacement mats save your facility money year after year giving your members and guests a brand new hitting surface at a fraction of the cost.


G4G Anti Fatigue Mat $114

G4G Anti Fatigue mats are the only anti fatigue mats on the market made from 100% repurposed rubber golf grips. Designed and produced by Grips Fore Good these mats are made to take a beating. Your feet deserve to feel better. Give one a try today.


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